Winter trail maintenance and grooming are a very significant part of the Four Seasons’ experience and an important group of volunteers help to keep our trails in top condition.  Equipment is also necessary and has been provided by a variety of groups that support our efforts including the Town of Madawaska and the high school ski booster club known as Ski Trax.



2010 saw the Four Seasons Association purchased a used 2005 Alpina  Sherpa and a used 9’ Yellowstone ginzu drag.  This is now our primary groomer for most of our trails, including grooming our large start area.  In addition the trails are also groomed with two wide-track (20”) snowmobiles: 2005 Polaris Wide-Track owned by the Town of Madawaska and a 2001 Ski-Doo Skandic owned by Ski Trax (this machine was provided by the Maine Winter Sports Center in 2002).  A variety of drags are used to create our skate lane and classic tracks including:  72” Snowmaster drag and Trakor track setter owned by the town of Madawaska.  Over the years Ski Trax has purchased or constructed the following:  a 4’ wide cutter drag,  4’ and 6’ wide compactor drags with adjustable cutter bars and track setting capability, along with a roller compactor pictured below.

Volunteer Personnel:

Our current Head Groomer is Gerry Roy of Madawaska.  He is assisted by Colin Jandreau and Yvon Levesque.  Gerry is retired from United States Customs and Immigration.  Colin is the club president and works at Madawaska High School and Yvon Levesque serves on the FSTA board and is a mill-right/mason at Twin Rivers Paper in Madawaska.

Head Groomer: Gil Roy

The 05 Sherpa multi-tasking with Santa

Grooming Report 09’-10’           

Assistant Groomer: Gerry Roy

The Roller packs snow very well!

Grooming Report 08’-09’           

Grooming Report 10-11