FSTA Land Preservation Project #2

FSTA/ Twin Rivers Land Pledge Match Project

Sponsorship Levels

Help us buy the final two pieces of the FSTA trail footprint.  Parcel A and Parcel B, both marked on the map below.  This land includes MAJOR portions of the SKI TRAIL, SNOWSHOE TRAIL and SNOWMOBILE/ATV TRAIL that run to and from the lodge area.

See the list of buyers here!!

The intent is to show who had the foresight to establish a Four Seasons recreational area that will be forever dedicated to outdoor recreation for the free use by the general public.



Madawaska, ME (January 12, 2015) – Twin Rivers Paper Company shows its support the Four Seasons Trail Association (FSTA) by pledging up to $45,000 for land acquisition. The organization is looking to purchase the land on which their trails and lodge are located to make the multi-use trails permanent.

“After seeing the work & dedication the volunteers put in to create the lodge in 2007, we knew that the trails, primarily on private land, had to become a permanent part of the facility. After the lodge was completed, the directors embarked on a multi-year initiative to ensure the trails would be permanently available for public use,said John Ezzy, Executive Director of FSTA.

FTSA President Colin Jandreau added, “Ownership of the land gives us the opportunity to make much needed changes to the trail footprint, accommodating an even greater number of people from serious athletes in training, to recreational users looking to enjoy the outdoors and maintain their fitness.”

Over the past 8 years, the organization has been buying land from the owners, raising over $250,000 in local contributions and grant money to acquire more than 150 out of the approximately 240 acres of land.

Twin Rivers pledged to help with the final two parcels of land which total 90 acres through a program that matches funds raised by FSTA between 2015 and 2018. To date, FSTA has raised approximately $20,000.00 toward the goal.

“We are lucky to have a resource like FSTA that is committed to providing the recreational facilities that foster appreciation of the natural beauty in the St John Valley and encourage residents to be active. Supporting this organization and its world class trail system is a win, win for everyone,” commented Tim Lowe, CEO of Twin Rivers Paper Company.”

To make a donation, visit www.fourseasonstrail.org. Donations of any amount are appreciated and will be used to purchase the final parcel of land.

For more information, go to www.fourseasonstrail.org or contact John Ezzy at 207-543-7454 or 207-316-9305.

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